Monday, 14 November 2011

Compost secrets??

We just picked up this composter yesterday. Jardin Dynamic Composter. Readily available at Home Depot. Set up was a breeze and given our harsh climate we thought it made sense to have one that is easy to rotate so that we are not spending tons of time outside hacking away with a pitch fork. It is an experiment really. We got it super cheap (same price as traditional) so thought we would compare. Anyone out there have recommendations on other composters (we will need a second and third eventually) and how to keep the compost nutritious and delicious (for the garden that is).


  1. Cool. I don't have a composter, unless you count the chickens and pig. We do make a compost tea from their poop though. Just some buckets and water, cover, sit, strain.

  2. you know, we probably don't need one. could just as easily throw everything in a pile and get the same effect. We figured that out after the fact. Good thing it was cheap. Wow, we have a lot to learn abotu saving money...