Friday, 14 October 2011

Homesteading adventures are a coming...

In other news, and as part of the change agenda, my partner and I have bought a small hobby farm outside of the city. We are thrilled about the possibilities. Getting back to the land, growing our own food, giving our pets wide open spaces (nothing is more gratifying than a tuckered out dog), apple pies and cider from our own orchard, tapping maple trees and growing good, organic food to nourish our growing family. There are some scary elements, like the higher mortgage payments, the distance from the city (and our jobs and friends), worry about feeling isolated and lonely in the country. But we have decided that we have spent too much time thinking about all of the "what ifs" and need to live in the moment. So we are looking forward to the good "what ifs". What if we love it, we find lots of kindred spirits, we invite our city friends to visit us frequently, we make it a priority to stay connected to the city and develop new connections in the country... and so on. Being in the country feeds my soul, which is exactly what I have been craving for so many years. Lets see what happens!


  1. Congrats on starting the homesteading adventure.

    You are far from alone when it comes to depression. I have dealt with it for 20 years. Surprisingly enough milking a cow helped with it.

    As for the isolation. It is a difficult one. I still deal with it at times, and it can get bad. Writing it out does help.

    But yes, thee are so many wonderful things that you can get out of homesteading. Just try to remember that when things don't go well, when mistakes are made.

    Good luck to you and your partner!

  2. Thanks Phelan. We have been getting settled for the last little while but are finally in the new place. It is amazing and we are totally excited for all the things we are going to be able to do out here. I will write it out. I think it is the best way for me to get my thoughts outside of my head. Speaking them tends to result in chaos! :) I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. This is going to be quite the ride!